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·         Pure Plasticss - the market leader of Polyester Filament Yarn in Pakistan.


·         Started in 2002, with production capacity of 2,100 tons per annum: current production exceeds 32,000 tons per annum.


·         International standards of strick quality at very stage ensuring that Gatron's yarn is the benchmark by which the competition is compared and judged in Pakistan.


·         Knitting, dyeing, TYT & other tests caried on more than 8000 spools / bobbins per day.


·         Innovation and development made Lucky Plastic, the first producer in Pakistan of


Textures yarn, as well as, fully drawn yarn on cops/paper cheese, spun drawn yarn and hot tube drawn yarn are also produced in lustres of


·         Super Bright

·         Bright

·         Semi-Dull

·         Full-Dull